Open Space Council for the St. Louis Region

The Open Space Council for the St. Louis Region is committed to conserving, protecting and sustaining land and water resources throughout the area and to ensuring their responsible and ethical use. As stewards of nature, they work to maintain the integrity of land and waterways for practical purposes, recreation and natural beauty, to be enjoyed now and for generations to come. The Open Space Council has been in existence since 1965, and has played an integral role in:
- Helping establish Castlewood State Park, Forest 44 Conservation Area, Beetree County Park, and more
- Restoring more than 3,000 acres of land, and almost 500 miles of river
- Restoring and supporting a clean and healthy Meramec River, and thwarting efforts to dam it
They engage hundreds of volunteers each year through environmental and community building events such as Operation Clean Stream and Operation Wild Lands. These programs raise awareness about the importance of land and water conservation and the value of clean water.

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