Scenic Missouri

Scenic Missouri provides educational and technical services to communities across the state on aesthetic issues including billboard and sign control, landscaping standards, tree preservation, and the regulation of communication towers. On the state level, their past successful advocacy significantly improved what was one of the weakest billboard laws in the nation. Scenic works to defeat attempts allow non-conforming billboards to be upgraded to digital technology or be rebuilt during highway construction.
They also work on the Scenic Byways program, which recognizes highways rich in scenic, historic and other special qualities. Scenic Missouri has helped develop the Byways program and by law is represented on the Missouri Scenic Byways Advisory Committee. They work closely with the Department of Transportation on the direction of the program and provide technical services for byway communities. With Missouri's abundance of natural beauty and visually distinctive communities, their goal is to increase Missouri heritage tourism by helping to establish one of the premiere scenic byways programs in the nation.

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